King David Lodge 1371 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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Masonic Education Resources

Here are some  great sources if you are researching a presentation of your own for your lodge, or just looking for some "brilliant" reading.


Discussion Forum

The Overy Papers

Opening Speach

The Masonic Apron

Remembrance Day

The New Member

The Obligation

Freemasonry in the 21st Century

The Due Guard

The History of our Masonic Ritual

The Master Mason Certificate

The Grand Master Motto

The Masonic Military Man

The Holy St Johns

Humility - The Forgotten Virtue

Now is the Time to Repair our World

Rituals of British Columbia and Yukon

The Forget me Not

Why should we Visit other Lodges

Our Ritual Stories

Brotherly Love

The Evolution Of Masonic Lodges and their Rituals

The World of the Masonic Lodge

You called me Brother

Take it to the Limit

The Sponsor's and Mentor's Obligation

Freemasonry at War

The Swedish Rite

Short Paper on Dedication

The Winding Staircase

Changes in Freemasonry

The Importance of the Legend of Hiram Abif

The Knights Templar and Freemasonry

Top Hats, Clay Pipes and Fines for Bad Behavior

Faith Hope and Charity

The Square


The Empty Chair

The Future of Freemasonry in British Columbia and Yukon

Making Good Men Better

Let There Be (Masonic) Light



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~ FAQ's ~


"This Mine House"

~ King David Lodge #93 in 1959 ~ ordered read in all BC Lodges to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Lodge in BC in 1859. ~



Essays and Papers:


The Educator