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Sacred Geometry
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Freemasonry and Sacred Geometry.

Following the collapse of the Roman empire, architects versed in geometry grouped together into 'guild's', thus forming the roots of 'freemasonry'. The tradition of building sacred/holy structures with applied sacred (euclidian), geometry was continued into the middle ages by the 'Templars', who envisioned their (mostly round) churches as 'microcosms of the world' (1). This idea was soon adopted by the Christian church, who began to employ 'sacred' dimensions into their religious buildings. These traditions were carried in the form of 'freemasonry' until, as Pennick aptly quotes - 'The lodges of freemasons closed down one by one. The last to go was the premiere lodge of Europe - Strasbourg, which shut shop in 1777. From then on, the arts and mysteries of freemasonry were carried on exclusively by 'Speculative masons'.


Applications of Sacred Geometry to Masonic Symbolism 
 according one's personal interpretation.

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