King David Lodge 1371 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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Time Capsule - 2014

Early History of King David Lodge #93

The Hall in Dundarave, where the Lodge
met when instituted in 1921.

John Lawson's barn where we met
from 1922 until 1950.

The present Hall was built on the
same site in 1950.

The lodge hall has been sold, and the lodge
meetings are now held in North Vancouver

A short History of King David Lodge #93

                                        A.F. & A.M., B.C.R.

                         BY R.W. J.T Watt  PDDGM

    The beginning of Freemasonry in West Vancouver had its origin as a result of the aftermath of the First World War 1914-1918. In the late Fall of 1919 when men everywhere were struggling toward the light of Peace on Earth: it was only natural that anywhere men could gather in a brotherly spirit was eagerly sought after. Small wonder, then, that Freemasonry became the centre of great numbers seeking admission. Let it not be forgotten that the impetus then received was a direct result of the shining mark made in the World Darkness by the Grand Old Lodges that had been in existence for many years and whose present Members were not stepping in to fill gaps left by the grim reaper. May we continue to be worthy of their memory. In January, 1920 , feelers were sent out to find brethren who might be interested in the formation of a lodge in West Vancouver, where it was difficult owing to transportation difficulties for members to attend lodge either in Vancouver or in North Vancouver.

     On February 16,1920 eight brethren, whose name appear on the frontbench of the little bylaw book among the founders met to form a Committee to organize a body large enough to make a petition to Grand Lodge.

     On February 23,1920, and weekly thereafter increasing numbers met in the ferry building on 14Th street.

      It may sound like optimism, but on March 16,1920, the naming of the new lodge was left to Worshipful Brother Gillett, who afterwards became the first Worshipful Master. At this meeting names were placed in a hat and as each name was drawn that party became an officer, temporary of coarse. The purpose behind the meeting was to obtain permission from Grand Lodge to authorize a Lodge of Instruction.

       On March 22nd, a complete slate of officers was elected and at this meeting, Very. Work. Bro. De Wolfe, Grand Secretary, sent a note approving of the idea of a Lodge of Instruction. Assessments were made (usually $2.00 each) to defray expenses form time to time. It was decided that when we finally had a lodge, the charter fee would be $10.00.

        March 29,1920, a more complete list of Freemasons of the District was made up and this list became the founders of our King David Lodge that was to be. April 5th, 1920, we still awaited notication for permission to commence with a Lodge of Instruction, and on April 19, the Sonrisa Club was formed and whose members were all Master Masons. This clubs sole object was an outlet for Masonic energy and its members would meet and practise on the Q.T. On April 20th, Rt. Work. Bro. Chas. Blaney, then D.D.G.M. wrote to say he would attend a meeting called for May3rd. One of our chief difficulties was the finding of proper quarters. The G.W.V.A. rooms, the old church building, the old fire hall and the Dundarave Hall were all looked over and we finally settled for the Dundarave Hall. W. Bro. W.J. Irwin was agent for the place and very kindly offered to do anything to make our tenancy comfortable.

        May 3rd, 1920, some twenty four of the faithful gathered at the Dundarave Hall to welcome RT. Wor. Blaney and a most instructive and enjoyable evening was spent finishing up with a banquet in the Ambleside Tea Rooms, 14th and Waterfront, at which the silver tongues of oratory were loosed with good effect. The West Vancouver Masonic Lodge of  Instruction had its commencement from this date.

       The Lodge of  Instruction carried on as such and dispensation might have been sooner arranged had we proceeded to obtain support from our nearest sister lodges, Burrard No 50 and the use of Connaght No 64, both in North Vancouver. However, it was not every day that those concerned found themselves in the position of asking for dispensation, and we  soon discovered this important oversight. Approaching both senior lodges, we found the most agreeable and brotherly attitude and on February 9th,1921, we became King David Lodge U.D. as follows:


      Most Worshipful The Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. of British Columbia




    Whereas application has been made by ( here follows the list of thirty founders which appears on the fly-leaf of this booklet) Master Masons residing at Hollyburn, West Vancouver, the the province of British Columbia, and in the Masonic District 13 for a dispensation empowering them to meet as a regular lodge of freemasons at the Municipality of West Vancouver to be know as King David Lodge.

       Now, know ye that by the  virtue of power and authority in us vested, we do by these presents grant permission to the said brethren to meet as a lodge of freemasons at Hollyburn, West Vancouver, on the second Friday of each month9 until such time as a Warrant of Constitution shall be granted by Grand Lodge or this Dispensation is revoked) and to admit members by ballot for the degrees recognized and practiced by Grand Lodge and we hereby appoint:

                               DAVID GILLETT, Worshipful Master

                                        JOHN TURNER WATT , Senior Warden

                               ALBERT CHILTON,  Junior Warden

 Of the aforesaid Lodge know as King David Lodge under dispensation charging the brethren to exercise diligence and zeal in conducting the affairs of the lodge in accordance with the ancient landmarks, and powers herein conferred. And for so doing, this dispensation granted by power in us vested shall be full and sufficient authority. Given under our hand and Seal of A.F> and A.M. of British Columbia. This 10th day of January, 1921.


                                                    Signed M.L. GRIMMETT

                                                                 Grand Master


       W.A. De Wolfe


      During the period between dispensation and constitution there were ine members received into membership.

       On August 8th,1921, a warrant of Constitution was granted and King David Lodge No 93 was instituted by Most Worshipful Bro Wallace S. Terry, Grand Master. It was during the period of dispensation that the lodge occupied the present site on which our building now stands. The old building was demolished to make way for the new one in 1950 under the direction of Worshipful Brother Hamilton Anderson who had the honour to be our Worshipful Master.  The present site is the original site of John Lawsons barn which he left to the craft upon his passing.