King David Lodge 1371 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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King David Lodge #93
 A.F.& A.M. B.C. & Y.R.
 P.O. Box 91845, West Vancouver
 West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 4S1



Worshipful Masters message
Please read this carefully, as it may change your life and bring you closer to what you might have been looking for in the past number of years;
That is Freemasonry as it relates to the Masonic Order.
What is freemasonry?
 Is it a secret society?
How does it help me in my daily life?
What are the benefits of Freemasonry as it relates to the Masonic order?
These are just a few of the questions that I had before I joined the Masonic order of Freemasonry. 

First of all let me say that Freemasonry is not for everyone.  Just like every organization there must be a sense of commitment. You must take the time to do the necessary research and ground work to make sure that this is for you.
The Grand lodge of BC and Yukon web site is a good place to start.  Next try and find someone in Freemasonry to talk to. Remember, this is just not for you, but you must include all of your family members in this decision. Some  cultures and religions do NOT want their people to join the Masonic order mainly because of their beliefs. That is why I say to be open with your family.
Are we a secret society?
No, but a society with secrets. Just like scouting, girl guides, lions club, rotary, clubs etc. We are also not a religious order, but
we do take our obligation on the bible of your faith. This teaches us to treat all individuals equally no matter what faith, creed or background that an individual might have. 
Tolerance, we all have our good days and bad, but being a good listener is important. 
The art of memorization and understanding what you have memorized and delivering that lecture or obligation effectively. Remember, that no one is perfect but it does force you to stand in front of men of equal quality and deliver a piece of memorized work.
Finally, that of Charity. Charity is not always monetary but of helping others in the most simply of ways , a kind word, a helping hand etc. All these qualities help us build a better life for yourself and your family. Remember that knowledge built on accuracy and truth, makes a better person.

John Ranking
 "Worshipful Master", King David Lodge #93

 If you have any inquiries or would like to speak to someone in person, we welcome you:

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