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Apr 9 2022
A diamond in the rough. A 3 year journey.

September 2015
The original car was a 1969 Mustang Coupe. The 302 engine and drivetrain and been completely rebuilt but the body was "good from far but far from good".

It soon became apparent that there were few usable body parts of the car that could be restored.

The body was removed from the frame and the engine and drivetrain were stored away.

It was then decided that a donor body was needed. The 1969 and 1970 Mustangs were built on the same frame so basically interchangeable. A 1970 Sportsroof or Fastback model was located in Surrey BC. The car had been owned by one owner in Arizona for 37 years and had been sold into Canada in 2007. The car had been disassembled and some minor body work was done by the new owner however the car sat in that state for 7 years.

Although the state of the parts looks poor all of the trim and many other parts were salvaged to go into the rebuilt Mustang.

The car had sat in the Arizona desert for many years and although the sun and heat took their toll on the car the dry desert heat actually preserved the car far better than a damp environment would.

January 2016.

The rotisserie restoration.

The next step in the restoration process was to put the car on a rotisserie and sandblast the car back to to bare metal revealing every rust hole or repair. A sealer coat was then applied to the body. Visible is evidence of a right rear quarter panel repair as well as numerous small holes (desert rust). Where possible these holes were repaired but around the taillight a new piece of metal was inserted.

Two major issues showed up after the rotisserie process. The first was the hood that appeared to look great but was revealed to be too damaged to use so eventually a actual 1970 hood was found and used in its place after an issue with the Dynacorn hood.

The second issue and by far the more serious revealed a 24x24 repair in the floorpan of the car which had really just been tack welded in place. Mustangs were built with a unibody construction so this flaw in the floorpan needed to be addressed and the way to do that was to replace the entire floor pan of the car. The new floor pan is pictured here.

The first car show August 2016 in Coquitlam.

The fenders and doors and the new hood was installed and the body was put back on the rolling frame.

The motor in place.

Next step. Body work. Hours and hours of filling and sanding followed.

Once all the body work had been completed it was back in the paint booth for another layer of primer.

The base coat was then applied.

Three layers of the colour Tangerine Scream are then applied. The colour is very close to the original Grabber Orange colour the car was originally but with a pearl lustre.

The first of 3 layers of clear coat are then applied with many fine sandings in between each coat.

The paint complete work starts on the interior.

Tail light assembly installed.

Interior wiring

Gauge clusters wired

Interior carpet.

Went with a 17 inch Aluminum Magnum 500 style wheel

White leather Diamond tuft interior in keeping with the original seats.

Original seats.

First roll out of the almost completed car.

At Coquitlam August 2017-Second car show.

Langley Good Times Cruise in September 2017. Several minor details still needed to be completed on the car including a hood replacement due to a faulty hood latch.

Dents visible in lower left and right corners of hood

Last detail added was the lettering and the car finally ended up in my parkade in January 2018

Royal City Show and Shine New Westminster BC 2018

BC Classic and Custom Car Show Abbotsford BC 2019

Sockeye Run Steveston BC 2019

Greater Vancouver Mustang Association Mustang Round Up Langley BC 2019

Lynn Valley Masonic Lodge / King David Lodge

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